Mortar Repair by Durham Region Experts

Mortar is the glue that holds brickwork together, but due to harsh Ontario weather and severe temperature changes, it often crumbles or falls out between the bricks over time. Without a strong hold, your bricks are subject to crumbling or loosening causing structural issues and plain eyesores.

Tuck Pointing and Structural Awareness

Tuck pointing is the process of mortar repair. External cracking mortar can expose your home to dampness, which poses a serious risk to your home’s foundation and structure. 

Our Durham Region-based masons will replace any old, damaged mortar on your bricks with the correct grade required for a strong hold. Our years of dedication to the masonry craft ensure you receive the highest quality of tuck pointing for a beautiful finish.

Learn how to spot damaged mortar before it becomes an issue and call our masons today for more information or to receive a quote on our tuck pointing service.

Require Tuck Pointing?