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We’ve been in the masonry trade for over 30 years, so naturally you can expect a specialized approach and professional care when it comes to your brick and stone work. Home Masonry Repairs completes all of your brick or stone repair and restoration projects in Durham Region, Peterborough and Lindsay.

Our masons finish durable repairs and create stunning new brickwork throughout the community to create a stronger, more beautiful Durham Region. See all of our brick and stone work and more in our gallery, or just drive through the community! Most of the brick and stone work you see was probably done by our third or fourth generation masons.

brick repair


Home Masonry Repairs specializes in a full range of brick repair, restoration and installation services. Whether your building is new, old or heritage, our masons have the extensive knowledge to complete your work with high-grade materials at competitive prices. Our services include:

  • Brick replacement

  • Pillar rebuilds

  • Re-facing exterior walls

  • Brick matching

We source our bricks through trusted, quality supply chains with thousands of brick types and colours. Whether your brick has suffered from age or natural disaster such as a fire, our masons can match a new brick that will blend in perfectly with the existing brick.

stone repair


Immaculate stonework is hard to come by. It requires great attention to detail to arrange the stone for a beautiful and seamless finish. With the skilled hands and trained eyes of our masons, however, you can obtain the picture-perfect stonework you desire. Our stone services include building:

  • Homes and small businesses

  • Retaining walls

  • Flagstone patios

  • Walkways

  • Window sills

  • Wall coping

  • Fireplaces

With the choice of either natural or veneer stone from high-quality supply chains, you can obtain the precise look you’ve envisioned for your space. When you’re in need of a renovation, choose the durable, attractive option of brick or stone from Home Masonry Repairs in Durham Region.


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