Durham Region Window Sill Repair and Replacement

Window sills are a quaint addition to any home, but they also serve an important purpose for your brick and stone. Window sills act as a barrier between harsh weather and the foundation of your home. They help keep water and snow at bay, eliminating damage to the critical brick beneath your windows. Without a proper window sill, your mortar could suffer cracks, water damage and structural issues.

Durable Homes Need Brick Window Sills

Home Masonry Repairs has all of your brick and stone window sill treatments covered. Using natural or veneer stone, we can create the design look you crave while strengthening the structure of your home. We use high-quality brick and stone from trusted supply chains, so you can rely on lasting, attractive repairs that you’ll be proud to show off to the neighbours!

Get in touch with a knowledgeable mason today to learn more about how a window sill can help increase your curb appeal and help protect your home’s masonry.

Protect Your Masonry